Ceremony Dress

Deciding to get married in Italy adds a few more factors that need to be carefully considered when choosing your all important wedding dress. Let the assistant know right from the start of your exciting hunt for the perfect dress that you are marrying in Italy so they can better advise you. Your wedding dress should be perfect and make you feel like a princess but it also needs to travel well and work in the setting you have chosen for your wedding day.

Remember that although Lake Garda can be reached in a matter of hours the difference in the temperatures between Italy and home can be significant. The summer months here are lovely and warm so consider that when you are choosing your dress. Think about the fabric of the dress as lightweight, natural fabrics such as silk organza, chiffon, taffeta or tulle will be more comfortable in the heat.

How you get your dress to Italy is something that needs consideration as well. We suggest carrying the gown with you on the airplane and asking the flight attendants to keep in safe if they have the space. Try calling the airline ahead to see if they can make special arrangements. Some airlines will let you buy a seat for your dress but each company is different and they also change their policies so check when you make your booking and if possible get it in writing.

And let’s not forgot the groom. One of the reasons for a wedding in Italy may have been to have a more informal feel to the day and this works well especially for the men. Heavy fabrics and layers of them (such as a tuxedo with a vest, coat and cravat) can be very uncomfortable for weddings outside in the heat

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