Ceremony Make Up

While Lynn was working as a hairdresser around the world she was also often called on to also be a make-up artist. Once more the fact that she is freelance and can come directly to you wherever you are staying, makes the whole process of getting ready for your big day easier, calmer and smoother. It is also possible to have a trial run a day or two before the wedding so that you, the bride, can be reassured that what you have pictured in your mind is both possible and beautiful.

Planning strategically for a summer wedding is key to remaining fresh and beautiful all day long. Remember that you could be moving from a cool air-conditioned space into hot, humid outdoor spaces and the products you use need to be able to convert smoothly without losing effect.

Lynn has found some excellent products which work really well in the heat of the Italian summer. The looks that she will be able to give you is quite simply a more beautiful you with a very natual look that simply enhances your natural beauty.

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