Photo Albums

We are very proud of the weddings we’ve helped organise. To help illustrate some of the weddings we have held at Lake Garda, we’ve put together a small selection of photographs for each of our major venues.

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All the photography is by our in-house photographer Lorenzo!

Please click the couples’ names below to go to straight to their gallery.

Lonato Castle

Aaron & Jigna

Kirsten & Jon

Yvonne & Kevin

Helen Dave

Gabi & Jonas

Lisa & Curtis

-Julia & Matt

- Steve and Elaine

- Cheryl and Mark

- Pamela and Malcolm

- Kim and Owen


Lisa & Ian

Karan & Conor

Tasha & Laurie

Tracey & James

-Tracey & Chris

-Gill & Marc

-Brenda & Terry

- Trevor & Collette

- Vicky and David

- Nella and Robert

- Blessing and Gareth

- Karen and Paul

- Katherine and Peter

- Natasha and John

- Rachael and Mark

- Ros and Mike

- Willemijn and Nicolaas

- David and Jenny


-Dawn and David

-Fiona and Marc

- Matt and Vicky


Haley & Tom

Kathrin & Martin

Anna & Victor

Vijay & Roy

Hilary & Nick

-Julia and Mike

- Jackie and Nigel

- Joanne and Grant

- Mary and Seamus

- Andrea and Phil


Sue & Mark

Debbie & John

-Charmaine & Remo

-Claire & John

-Tanja & Steve

-Thien & Stephen

- Miranda and Ryan

- Jolene and Ian

- Mike and Amanda


- Katie and David

Isola del Garda

Kayleigh & Chris

- Mark and Roely

Kate & Harry

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