Your Wedding Ceremony at Lake Garda

The majority of ceremonies that we organise at Weddings at Lake Garda are civil wedding ceremonies or in the case of Gardone Lutherian Church and the Isola del Garda,symbolic.

It is not impossible for foreigners to get married in a catholic church in Italy but it is quite a complicated process. We are in the process of orangising a wedding for 2012 in the beautiful church in Lonato and hope to do more in the future.

Your expectations for your dream day and how you would like it to unfold will be key when determining the location for your wedding ceremony. Based on our initial discussions with you, we will provide you with a selection of ceremony locations that we believe will best meet your requirements but more importantly your dreams.

If it is possible for you to come and visit Lake Garda we will happily arrange site visits, visiting each location that you are interested in.

Just to give you a small taster of what to expect…

Weddings at Lake Garda ceremony locations range from, amongst others, Lonato’s ancient hilltop castle with impressive lake views over Lake Garda and countryside behind too, the stunning, historic town hall at Salò, with its grand staircase and frescoed ceiling or if you prefer a more traditional setting we can also provide a symbolical ceremony in the picturesque church in Gardone. There is also the very exclusive possibility to hold your symbolic wedding cermeony on the Isola dela Garda (Garda Island) surrounded by Lake Garda and it’s stunning scenery.

Wherever you decide to get married we will be there beside you to make sure that everything runs smoothly and even the tiniest of details are covered. We can even provide witnesses should you require them.

The ceremony itself will be carried out by the local registrar. The paperwork required is the same for all of the locations and we take care of that for you. All you need to do is decide so it is simply a matter of choosing which location suits you best and will be, for you both, the perfect wedding.

We will make your dream day a reality!

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