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Hello lovely people

Hello lovely people,

firstly thank you for coming to find out more about me. I thought it would be fun to divide it into ‘what you need to know about me’ and ‘what you might enjoy to know about me’.

What you need to know about me:

  • I’m British born
  • I’ve been living on Lake Garda since 1996!
  • I’ve been planning weddings on Lake Garda since 2008
  • I really enjoy being around people
  • I simply love helping people
  • I LOVE my job!
  • Consultations are FREE. There is no cost to exchanging e-mails with me or even better a video call to find out if I can offer you a day that will match your dreams.
  • I am a straight talker and a very practical person. If you don’t feel I’m being gushy and flowery enough in my e-mails it’s because I have to be honest, it’s my thing, I have to be sure that you understand what I’m trying to communicate. Over excited and exuberant I save for the big day.
  • I don’t believe in Perfect. I realise this might sound counter intuitive for a Wedding Planner when there are so many ‘Perfect Day’ references. But ask yourself how many things in life are actually perfect ? Life happens and I don’t see the sense in letting that idea add to the natural emotions of such an important day
  • I do believe in Happy, Amazing, Wonderful, Brilliant, Unforgettable, Unique, Fantastic, Incredible, Silly Happy, Unbelievable, Marvelous, Stunning, Awesome, Blissful, Stupendous, Astonishing, Breathtaking, Fabulous, Phenomenal, Spectacular, Superb, Terrific, Tremendous, Wondrous, Extraordinary, Outstanding, Remarkable, Unparalleled, Delightful, Joyful, Exceptional, Magnificent, Lovely, Love Packed.

What you might enjoy to know about me:

  • I’m married to a ‘fake’ Italian (ask me when you get here and I’ll explain), Manchester born Lorenzo.
  • I met him while I was working in Portugal as a Holiday Rep and he was my boss.
  • We have 2 bilingual kids who are now giants, they grow so quickly.
  • We have a really fat cat but she’s very pretty and pops up sometimes in my stories
  • My Mums Border Collie if often in my stories at the lake because she LOVES swimming
  • I’m a Consul personality, look it up, it fits me perfectly and also the job I’ve chosen to do
  • I’ve been an organizer since an early age. Myself and 3 friends celebrated our 18th birthdays on a boat which was also a club. I booked the club, the coaches to get everyone there and back, printed the tickets – you get the picture. I didn’t see if at the time but I’ve been ‘training’ for planning weddings ever since
  • I have a degree in Textile & Knitwear Technology !?!?!?!!???
  • I ended up in Portugal on a Erasmus exchange and became a holiday rep as soon as I graduated because I needed to get back to the sun, then I decided to join Lorenzo in Italy having visited and LOVED Verona on a school skiing trip many, many moons ago.
  • I’m a west country lass and even though I have prosecco on tap I sometimes miss cider.
  • I adore Friends and This is Us
  • I’m a new believer in the Universe and ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and I think if you’ve got to the end of this long list then you probably think that you could work well with me and that’s really important because if you like me, as well as trust me, you’re going to love planning your wedding with me.

“You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry someone you cannot live without!!”

Your Wedding, Your Way

It’s that simple really. I want every couple to have the wedding that they see in their minds eye when they contact me. I don’t believe in and don’t work with a formula for every wedding. There is no ‘one size fits all’ here. That makes my job much harder, it would of course be much simpler if they were all the same – but no fun at all.


In the years since I started wedding planning I have of course helped couples with the paperwork, flowers, transport, photos, menus, music, boat rides, childrens entertainers, the normal things that go with a wedding really. But I’ve also been lucky enough to have requests for fireworks, doves, helicopters, magicians, dancers, casino tables, Ferraris, bagpipe players, horse & carriage, there’s really never a dull moment.

I really appreciate the faith that it takes to trust someone else with such an important day so from the moment you contact me I’ll be available by e-mail, phone and video call because it’s what I call  an organic process. Often plans change through the time leading up to the wedding and I will be in touch with you to confirm each step as we get closer to the moment you get to Italy and say

‘I do!’.

What to do now….

Send me an e-mail. Give me as much information as you can about what you want for your Special Day and I will get back to you with my suggestions and between us we will plan the wedding day that is ‘just so you’.

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