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Services for Your Wedding

Wedding Planning

Weddings at Lake Garda ceremony locations range from, amongst others, Lonato’s ancient hilltop castle with impressive lake views over Lake Garda and countryside behind too, the stunning, historic town hall at Salò, with its grand staircase and frescoed ceiling or if you prefer a more traditional setting we can also provide a symbolical ceremony in the picturesque church in Gardone.

The time when you will really be able to enjoy and fully appreciate the whole experience of being in Italy, here on Lake Garda, surrounded by your nearest and dearest, is at your wedding reception. It goes without saying therefore that the choice of this venue is an important one.

Wedding Celebrant


Weddings at Lake Garda offers a stand alone service as a Celebrant for Weddings on Lake Garda.


Your wedding is an intensely personal moment in your life as a couple and if you want a wedding ceremony that really represents you as a couple, that reflects your style and your personalities then it’s important to look for a celebrant who can create a ceremony around those desires and I would love to do that for you.



Below is a step by step guide to completing your paperwork for your Italian wedding on Lake Garda. It is the procedure that should be followed if both bride and groom are UK nationals living in the UK.

Make-up / Hair


Having a professional to do your make-up and hair is really important for such a special day. It’s important both that your hairstyle stays in place throughout the day and that your make-up last well for those all important photos. It’s also important that this person is able to help keep you calm so that you arrive ready, simply feeling the most beautiful you ever have on this your wedding day.

Over the years I have gathered a collection of professionals in the industry and depending on your day, your style etc I will be able to recommend some of these for you to choose between.

Of course if you are in Lake Garda for a site visit before your wedding then we can arrange a hair and make-up trial as well to make sure you are totally happy or this could also be done just a few days before the wedding depending on when you arrive in Italy.



Arriving in style is a great way to start the celebrations, perhaps a classic car or something fun and Italian like a Fiat 500. Many of the locations are so central that a wedding car is not necessary but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one if you choose to.

Equally some of you might require a boat either to get to your ceremony venue or between the ceremony and the reception venue and again there are a number of choices available depending on your style and how many guests you have for the wedding.

Deciding to get married in Italy adds a few more factors that need to be carefully considered when choosing your all important wedding dress. Let the assistant know right from the start of your exciting hunt for the perfect dress that you are marrying in Italy so they can better advise you. Your wedding dress should be perfect and make you feel like a princess but it also needs to travel well and work in the setting you have chosen for your wedding day.

For the Italians this would be the main talking point, they really do enjoy their food here and they take it very seriously. An Italian wedding reception would be based mostly around the meal which could be 7, 8 or even more courses long and would often be fish based.

Photo / Video / Music


Capturing the moment is what wedding photography is all about. Photographs that encapsulate the emotion of the moment. We want to give you the true feeling of the day and a memory that captures the joy of this special occasion.

When starting the planning for their wedding not every couple understands the important of their wedding photos. I’ve had a number of couples say they don’t need the photos, all the guests will have their phones and really they just want to enjoy their wedding day.

All really valid points however having a professional photographer there, who’s only job is to worry about capturing the right image at the right time, is going to mean that those moments will be much clearer and better framed. You will have heard every bride and groom tell you how quickly the day passes by and it is so true. Those precious photographs are really the best way to get back to that moment and re-live it again.


Adding a videographer to your team adds yet another dimension to your memories of the day. Those important vows and memorable speeches can be captured not just in image but with sound and intention as well. I work with a number of local video makers so you can consider the style they have and what is going to best match your picture of your wedding day.

Flowers are a fantastic and the most beautiful way to personalise your wedding, they add colour and texture to the day. Of course the choice and variety available is endless and it follows that the prices can also vary greatly.

There are many things you need to consider when you are thinking about your wedding flowers, obviously your colour scheme is important but so is the style of the wedding that you want because the flowers that you add will make a big difference to the atmosphere and overall effect. It’s also essential that they last the full day so we will speak with the florist about what are going to be the most suitable flowers for the time of year and time of day of your wedding.

There is so much inspiration available in terms of wedding flowers on all of the social platforms but I have noticed more and more over the years, as these amazing images become part of what we see so often, that there is a disconnect between what couples see and fall in love with and what they are prepared to spend. I can help give you a clearer idea of what the costs might start at but honestly from there the world is your osyster, just be aware that flower walls are not within everyones budget.



Entertainment is a key part of the Wedding Reception and we have some great contacts around Lake Garda who can provide the entertainment. If you have a non-music request, please do Contact Us so we can talk about some of the local options available

After all the planning and excitement of your perfect day a honeymoon is the icing on the ‘wedding’ cake and should not be overlooked. Lake Garda is an incredibly romantic place but you may feel that having already had your wedding here that you’d like to have your honeymoon somewhere else.

Italy has so much to offer in terms of romantic destinations and the world renowned cities but there are also endless beautiful little villages off the beaten track where you can get lost from the world for the time you have and bask in the memories of your wedding day.

I have a number of contacts with independent travel agents who can help you put together a truly memorable honeymoon.

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