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There are a number of really good local bands who I’ve worked with before. You can of course also bring your own band over but if you are bringing someone from overseas consider you need to add flights, accommodation and also instrument or at least audio equipment and the quotes can go from €1500 – €5000 depending what’s needed.


Remember with all bands that they will have a series of sets they will play. Sometimes 2 sets of an hour or 3 sets of 45 minutes. They cannot sing for the entire duration of the day so depending on your times and how late you party we might also need to consider a DJ.


Double Soul @doublesoulofficial

Two brothers who play as a duo but can put together a band and work with some amazing singers and you can see a selection of them on their IG account.

€2500 for a 4/5 piece band aperitif through to party.


The Puppets Band @puppetsbanditaly

These guys are excellent and bring a lot of energy. They usually work in 2 sets of an hour after dinner for the party. They can add sax to the mix and a DJ

€3500 starting price


The Gloves Band  @theglovesband

I haven’t worked with these guys but their IG feed looks like it’s a very lively party.


Renato Micaglio 

Renato is a muscian and singer but also has an agency for other acts so there are various options available.

His band which he can put together with 4 elements costs around €2000.



Elodea is an excellent singer, she can build her own band with musicians that she knows around the basis of what you want for the day. She can also just come with her backing tracks and be a solo artist for smaller weddings or just for the ceremony and the aperitif. Price depends on whether she’s on her own or as band but price / quality she’s an excellent option so if you like her voice let me get you a quote.


TastenSax @tastensax

2 brothers, 1 a DJ the other a Sax player. Since they came on to my radar they are having a lot of success and the price reflects this. Last quote was €3000 + audio system.


Enrico di Stefano Sax player @enrico_di_stefano

Enrico can be your live Sax & DJ all in one happy bundle. He also works with other DJ’s if you want him to have more time to concentrate on his Sax.

Around €450 for an aperitif €1000 to cover the whole event, €1400 with a DJ alongside him.


Morena Lusenti

Morena is only little but she has a huge voice so if you love big ballads then she can totally do this for you (she does an Adele tribute show during the summer months) but she can also ramp up the beat later to create a party for you. She can put together a band or come with her backing tracks and DJ decks to cover the whole event on her own. She could also just cover the ceremony if you want some beautiful modern ballads sing. Price from €600-700 only for the ceremony & aperitif obviously more with a band depending on ho many members and the duration.


The Carellaz @thecarellaz

I’ve worked often with these guys and they are brilliant for an aperitif with some jazz notes and Motown beats but can also raise the tempo for the party later.

€2200 + iva for the evening but the singer Max can also cover the ceremony for an extra fee.


Belle Histoire Riviera Style & Swing Band these guys are new on my radar but offer something quite different if you like the idea of a bit of a vintage theme for the early part of the day. Different line up available for the aperitif and prices from €1300 +iva (trio) to €1650 (quintet) + €250 travel expenses. Here’s a few snippets of songs in English.


A Stylish Rat Pack vibe can be provided by Michele and his band Price from €2200 + iva depending on what part of the day they are covering. I think they are perfect for the aperitif and possibly through dinner. Michele also has his own decks so can provide a DJ moment at the end of the evening too for a small add on cost.


Roaming bands.

Don’t know what this is ? It’s an acoustic band who can ‘roam’ through your aperitif moment & dinner taking the music right next to your guests and when they are playing favorite songs that get everyone joining in it really raises the energy.

There are a number of International ones and the prices there go from €6,000-10,000 but I have also sourced some Italian ones more in the region of €2200-2700.



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