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Photographers & video


Below are some photographers that I have worked with before and have thought that they did a great job. They will all have different package prices so it would be better to first see if you like their style because they are quite different actually and then I can contact those who’s work you most like for up to date details. All prices are based on when I last worked with them or the last quote I received so might be different for your wedding depending on the date. If you choose to contact them directly please tell them that I passed on their details so that they know they can come to me if they have any questions about the times, location, logistics, run of the day etc etc. but of course I can contact them for you. They are not listed in any kind of order so just look at their photos and make your decision from there. Pricing is based on the last time that I checked with them so consider it a general guide.

Non EU suppliers should have a work permit to work in Italy. For this reason I have removed some British photographers with whom I enjoyed working in the past. The risk is, arriving into Italy they could be stopped with their equipment and detained for long enough they couldn’t even make the wedding. Please be aware this still the case if you book the photographer yourselves. With the massive request for weddings in Italy it is something that the authorities are looking into more and more because of course it’s ‘lost’ income for the Italian state if the taxes of the supplier are not being paid here.

Sarah Edmunds : Sarah, like myself, is local to Lake Garda and English. She has a very polished style which is bringing her a lot of awards and work in different sectors, quite a lot of beauty/fashion/advertising. She does love to edit and so photos come back very polished and she has a fast system for this.  Prices are €2500 + iva for a full day with an assistant and complete lighting equipment and 5 fully retouched portraits or if you want a shorter and simpler service €1800 + iva for 6-8hrs, on camera flash and editing but not retouching. Photos are delivered within 1 month but there is the possibility to pay to fast track them.

Gilbertorica : This studio is Brescia based so close, they specialize in reportage so less posing, more about what’s going on in general, they are very discrete. That said of course you can still have your group photos. Prices €2300 + iva for a full day with 2 photographers. Photos generally take less than 3 months.

If you also want video they share a studio with Wedding-Movie so you know that the two teams will work well together Price for this €2500 + iva for 2 operators all day. Maddalena was very discreet, it’s all reportage so they do very little posing with you, again group photos are always possible.  €2500 + iva photos back in 20 days is the promise. They also offer video €2400 + iva again, work back in 20 days. I like working with Francesco, he is fast and fun, he speaks really good English but he’s not particularly local or economical. Prices €7000 inc iva depending on the hours of service requested last time I checked. Extra is travel from Tuscany around €300. He can provide a 2nd photographer to shoot with him if you want. Julian & I have done a couple of weddings together. He’s Dutch I think but lives here in Italy and speaks also English and Italian. Prices from €3700 + iva for just him but a 2nd photographer is possible at an extra cost. He’s been quick with his photos. About 1 month. An Italian couple based in Milan, I like their style and they speak good English. Their full day coverage costs €1900 for 2 photographers. I’m not sure where Vadim is from but he speaks enough English although he’s not a wordy sort of person preferring to let his photos tell their story. Price around €3400 inc travel for 10-12hrs cover, photos within 2 months. Sara is really lovely and laid back and happy to take her lead from the couple. Sara speaks good English. Full day €1600 + iva for her, a 2nd photographer is €200. Photos 3-4 months

Ivan Redealli Ivan is a new contact and we’ve not yet had a chance to work together but I like the style of his photos and the price is a reasonable €1900 (4-5 hrs) or €2700 (full day) for 2 photographers and he also offers a video service, 1 operator €1500 – €2000. Cristina & I did a wedding together this summer. Her prices are €2500 for the full day and she also offers video for €2000 + iva. Delivery times are 3 months for photos and 6 for video. Vangelis is based in Greece but actually often works here in Italy. Price for Vangelis and an assistant for 8hrs is  €7000 inc travel and iva. 10hrs €9500.


I have many more photographers that contact me through IG but there all you get to see is a few photos and I’ve no idea of price so I’m hesitant about putting them forward but I can send you more links if this isn’t what you want. I’d suggest though that if what you want isn’t here it’s because you have an idea of a particular style and it would be great to understand your preference be that high definition, clear & crisp, pale & airy, floaty and romantic, artistic or other so try and refine the search otherwise it can just be overwhelming.

Video These locally based videographers from Brescia have a very light touch when it comes to be part of your day, they are discreet, barely seen and hardly ever heard. You get 10hrs coverage, a short trailer perfect for social media sharing and a longer 15-20 min film of the day. €2500 + iva for 2 operators for the full day and they also bring a small drone for a few bits of arial footage as well but if you want more drone then they can add another operator for that too.  David and his wife Tania are a South African/Italian couple who specialise in a cinemagraphic feel and finish to their videos. €2700 which includes an 5-8 min video & separate ceremony OR speeches video. €3000 for a 5-8 min video and a 20min film. €3300 includes extra a 60-90 feature film & a 1minute Instagram Reel.

Danilo Grassi Lake Como based and often working alongside Vangelis photo. Danilo doesn’t speak lots of English but it doesn’t matter because his style is to stay back and just capture what happens. There are various packages to choose from and they start from €4500 for the full day service which includes a 10 min film & trailer, delivery within 4 months.


Pick your favourite (or maybe a couple of them) and I will reach out to them to see if they are available for your date.

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