If you take nothing else from this read – Don’t make your honeymoon an afterthought… 


From the 2010 survey @womenshealthmag 76% said they would do something differently, so we scrolled the reflections of previous brides and grooms, and here’s what we learned…


💝 TAKE CARE OF YOU. I understand it is super stressful planning your own wedding (I wouldn’t know just yet!), let alone a honeymoon too, so delegate! Let me do all the necessities and niceties ensuring everything is in place for you – all you need to do is be present and soak it up.


⏰ TAKE IT EASY, NO RUSH. Depart once you have recovered from the wedding, start and finish the holiday with relaxation with one serious adventure in the middle (The Serenity Sandwich). Live every hour of every day, dawn until dusk and beyond 💃🕺


🌉Make it special, with unique experiences, from airport lounges at sunrise, to top class restaurants at sunset, spa treatments, watersports and winery visits. Maybe you want to hire a private boat? You’re investing in your wellbeing, memories and future so don’t short change yourselves.




Oh, and who said you have to go to the other side of the world? Italy has it all, really. Let me show you!

Italian street