Wedding planning is so exciting and can be so much work!

There are so many decisions to make, and it seems like endless choices. I know this only too well because it is my 9-whatever hour all year round planning weddings on Lake Garda. Some couples however want to keep complete control of their day, they enjoy the challenge of sourcing a choice of venues and drilling down on the cost of each and what they offer to make that final decision. Scouring the internet for the suppliers that are just right for them. If you have the time (because you really do need a lot of time), a natural talent for organization and the patience to sift through all of the information to put all the details of your wedding together I applaud you. I have over a decade of experience doing all of that and so I know first-hand what is required to get all the jigsaw pieces of your day lined up so that everything runs smoothly. But however it looks, wherever it takes place, and whether your celebration involves just the two of you or all of your friends & family, on your special day your only “job” should be to enjoy being in love!

You see there is a difference between planning a wedding and the being the wedding coordinator on the day. You don’t want to be checking your watch and phoning your Aunt to make sure the car, coach or boat for your guests arrived. You don’t want to be double checking everyone got of board. Following the ceremony you don’t want to have to be the person directing everyone to the aperitif area or asking them to take their seats for dinner. You defiantly don’t want to be the one answering the questions of the staff about where Uncle Ned is sat so they can make sure he gets his gluten free meal. And at the end of the evening you don’t want to be the person turning off the music and herding everyone back to the coaches or taxis to take them home.

You see, on the day itself, there’s still a job to be done if you want everything to run seamlessly and however much you might have enjoyed the planning and the anticipation, on the day itself, the only thing you should be doing is enjoying the moment.

I am available, for a certain number of events each year, to be your wedding coordinator on Lake Garda. The person who, on the day, everyone uses as their go to, making sure that you are neither bothered with those small little details that come up or that your guests are left to deal with them on their own. A month before we can have a video call so that you can tell me the run down for the day, how, what, where, when. I’ll check your timetable and make suggestions should they be necessary. You can pass on all the supplier contacts so that I can double check that they all know what they need to do and when. 2 weeks before I will check the seating plan has been received along with any menu requirements and double checking any last minute details for numbers, transport and whatever else comes up. On the day itself I will of course be there, I can at some point at the start, introduce myself to your guests so that they know I am available for them so you are left undisturbed, without a single thought of the next stage of the wedding and what time that needs to happen. You can relax, knowing that I will do this for you.

So if you think that an on the day Wedding Coordinator for your Lake Garda wedding sounds like something that you need then please get in touch by e-mail [email protected]