Why choose Sustainable Wedding Stationery?

Choosing your wedding stationery can set the tone for your wedding day ahead. After all, it is the first part of your wedding that your loved ones will see. So why choose to use sustainable wedding stationery?

We had a chat about what makes eco-friendly and sustainable wedding stationery a great choice for your wedding with Simone, the creative stationery designer behind Ellie and Liv. Simone is passionate about creating invitations that are kind to the planet but don’t compromise on style or beauty.


So why choose sustainable stationery?

We all know that your stationery is a paper-heavy item at your wedding. Along with other elements of your wedding, this can make a real impact on the waste your wedding produces. By choosing to use carefully selected papers such as recycled, tree-free, seeded or FSC certified papers (sustainably produced paper) you are helping to reduce this impact.


Recycled papers are made from post-consumer waste. This means less landfill, less energy and less water are used to produce it. Long gone are the days when recycled papers were low quality, there are now some real luxurious options to chose from in the most amazing colours and textures. I’ve recently used some amazing vegan papers that contain food waste. They are some of the most beautiful papers I have ever used, with subtle colours and stunning flecks.

Just by swapping your paper, you have instantly reduced your impact on the environment.


Not just the paper?

When designing my stationery, I like to think of the whole journey it has taken. Yes, the paper is the largest factor, but how it is produced, printed and finished is all considered when I design for couples. I only work with suppliers who have strong environmental ethics that share my sustainable mindset.


Eco-friendly finishings

By choosing minimal finishings that are made of reusable or recyclable materials you will reduce the amount of waste your stationery will produce. Load your stationery up with glitter and plastic finishings and your invites will be going straight to landfill.

Great sustainable and eco-friendly finishings to use are

Bamboo silk ribbons – hand-dyed with natural dyes

Twine – made of natural fibres such as jute

Cotton – handmade cotton tassels

Metal clasps – these fancy paper clasps can be reused for years to come

Paper twine – easily biodegradable

Recycled paper bellybands – easily recyclable


Only print what you need

I believe that every wedding is as unique as the couple who are getting married, just because something is on the stationery tick list it doesn’t mean you have to have it or it is right for you.


There are many clever ways you can save on paper and reduce your stationery budget too.


Will I compromise on style if it is eco-friendly?  

Absolutely not, regardless of the fact I use environmentally friendly methods, I’m passionate that you receive stationery you adore. From the initial consultation to the delivery of your stationery I will work with you to capture the style of stationery you desire, that will reflect both your wedding and personality. All the elements I use have been carefully hand-selected by me. I am extremely fussy when it comes to the quality of the items I use. I test all the papers and finishing in my studio before I recommend them to you.


Waste doesn’t just stop at your stationery. The way your stationery is packaged also has an impact. All my stationery is packaged using recyclable elements.


Giving back

Alongside using environmentally friendly papers, suppliers and finishings I like to offset the impact my business makes, for every wedding stationery suite I design I plant and dedicate a tree in celebration of their wedding in one of the National Trusts woods. Not only helping our planet but creating new places for our future generations to enjoy.

If you would like to know more about how you can make your wedding stationery a sustainable part of your wedding then get in contact with the lovely Simone at