How much will a Lake Garda Wedding cost ?

It is the million dollar question if you’re considering getting married on Lake Garda of course or indeed anywhere else.

Not that your wedding is about the money, I never want to loose sight of the fact that a wedding is about the commitment that 2 people make to each others, it’s a beautiful and special moment – but at the end of the day it does need to be paid for and what you want to understand is if your budget is the right size for what you want to do.

There are many different elements that go into reaching that final budget and for each one of those there are a number of choices which will affect not just the style and feel of your wedding but also the final cost.

Let’s first consider the elements that go into most weddings :

A fantastic, truth speaking, Wedding Planner like me J

Your ceremony location

Your reception location if different

Your wedding guests

Catering if not included in the location

Legal paperwork or ceremony celebrant if symbolic





Hair & MUA



Extra entertainment

Extra drinks in the evening


I am by no means saying that you need to have all of these things but, even if you take a few out, it’s easy to see that with even just 2 choices for each item there is an endless possible number of financial outcomes. And it’s for this reason that I’ve had couples who have spent €15,000 with me and others that have spent over €100,000.

I still haven’t answered the question have I!!!

But I hope that what I have done so far is helped you, the reader, to understand that your question, while obvious and very valid, isn’t an easy one to answer.

It’s fair to say that the main factors in your costs will be the location that you choose and how many guests you expect to have. With this in mind I’m going to give a few examples of what a wedding might cost in 4 different locations for 50 guests. Why did I choose 50 ? Well not because that’s the number of guests that I think you should have but because I’ve done beautiful elopement weddings for 2 and I’ve done complex events for 150, 50 feels like a good halfway point.

Now to get to these figures I’ve made assumptions about what you will want in terms of flowers, music choices, photographer, hair & MU, transport etc and of course you might end up making different choices. All of these things can be changed (and in fact they will be as we get into the planning) and there is money to be saved by making some different choices or eliminating something I’ve included perhaps but, in my experience, as the planning progresses, money saved on one thing is often spent on another.

So here are a few examples for you :

A charming Italian country house on the hillside above Lake Garda €15,000

An impressive hilltop fortress €20/21,000

A gorgeous lakeside garden €22,000

An incredible private island €45,000

In order to help my couples understand these figures better and work out what is really going to be the best choice for them when they get in touch I send a lot of information and once they’ve had a chance to read through it we have a video call to get to know each other, to understand what they want, what’s possible and what I can help with.

If you would like to know more about the possibility of having your wedding on Lake Garda then please get in touch.